Feeling like something is changing?  Or even like you're going a little crazy? 
You could be having a spiritual awakening.

So, we all know that going through a spiritual awakening can be pretty rough. Yes, we would love for it to feel like a glowing, glorious time, but that just isn’t the case.

HOWEVER, that does not mean that the glow won't come.


We will go through many awakenings and transitions throughout our life according to what our purpose path holds. Some transitions will be very small, and some will be HUGE. It's the huge transitions that lead to a whole new way of being and really empower us to understand the TRUTH of our soul.


Remember you're not alone and you're most certainly NOT crazy.

This list of top signs to spot when big awakenings are taking place for you will help. All of these are written from my own personal experience, so I know exactly how you've been feeling.